Two MTV Stars Wed Recently


MTV’s two stars in Love were on the air. Early March: The Challenge star Kailah Casillas and Exercise at the BeachSam Bird, an alum, got married. Ashley’s Reality Roundup. The couple shared the news via social media, telling their followers how they got married after their engagement. 

Bird and Casillas shared this news via YouTube. They shared their news that they had exchanged vows in Gibraltar on March 3rd, which is a British colony off the coast from Spain. The videoBird claimed that Gibraltar is a “really easy place to get married.”The couple also documented their wedding day and explained the reasons they chose to do it all by themselves. 

“Everything was so smooth sailing,” Casillas said. “I couldn’t have asked for a better day.”The couple shared that they didn’t want to have a child. “big wedding.”Instead, they wanted an elopement in a beautiful location. “somewhere with sun, somewhere we can party, somewhere with vibes.”In addition to sharing a YouTube Video about their nuptials story, Bird and Casillas took to Instagram for some photos of their special day. 

“We eloped! I never dreamt of having a big wedding, so we decided to take a trip to Gibraltar and do it the most intimate way possible, just us,”Casillas added her husband’s names to her Instagram bio and wrote. “I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you, @samrobertbird.”Two years ago, Bird and Casillas announced their engagement. August 2020 Us WeeklyIt was reported that Love IslandThe alum proposed to Bird. Casillas shared her excitement by sharing a photo in which she was holding Bird’s hand. 

The former Real World Star revealed that Bird started dating her in January 2020. The star shared their first meeting via social media. She said that a fan messaged Bird and told her Bird was engaging in her content. They soon became friends. Casillas revealed to her fans, “So, he happened to be at a soccer game that day and I just replied the first Story that I saw. … So I DM’d him and literally, that same night, he was like, ‘I’m going to book a trip to see you.'”They have been inseparable since then.