Two people were’shot by police’ during the Paris election riots.


Two people were reportedly shot to death by police officers in Paris after they were responding to riots following the election.

According to a police source, officers in Paris opened fire on a car that was speeding towards them.

The incident took place at Pont Neuf police station just after midnight local time. After the driver refused stop, it was reported that the driver had been stopped at the checkpoint.

Following violent far-left street protests against Emmanuel Macron’s re-election, a security perimeter was set in the center of the city.

An extra police taskforce will be present at the scene to examine the officers’ use of lethal weapons. Photographs taken at the scene showed emergency vehicles surrounding an unidentified car.

The incident occurred at a police checkpoint at Pont Neuf in Paris as anti-Macron protests turned violent
The incident happened at Pont Neuf, Paris’ police checkpoint. This was just as violent anti-Macron protests escalated.

Paul Sugy, a journalist at broadsheet newspaper Le Figaro, said “several victims”they were found on the ground. They also stated that gunshots were heard elsewhere during the protests.

In the second round, Marine Le Pen, an extreme right candidate, was defeated by the incumbent President by 58.6% to 41.4%.

An earlier video showed police launching a violent attack on protestors during protests following Macron’s victory.

Police respond to the aftermath at Place de la Republique in 2022 French presidential election, and can be seen numerous campaigners running from the scene.

Public disorder broke out earlier on Sunday evening as the incumbent President won re-election
On Sunday night, public disorder broke out as the incumbent President was re-elected

Simon Louvet, a French journalist, uploaded the video to Twitter. He said that it was a French journalist. “strong tensions”Between the police and campaigners.

He stated that: “Police charge, several demonstrators on the ground. The group is driven back to the middle of the Place de la République, locked on all sides. No strategy on the protest side.”

According to the journalist, some protestors tried to get around police by moving the demonstration somewhere else.

On May 1, a day that left-wing street campaigners mark annually, protests will continue.

The identities of the Pont Neuf victims have not been revealed.

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