Two Simple Ways to Successfully Cook Pasta in the Microwave


A glass of red wine with a large bowl of pasta is a great combination. It loses much its appeal once the pasta is left over. If done wrong, that bowl of pasta can go from one of life’s biggest joys to one of its greatest disappointments.

A microwave is the heart of a kitchen. It makes steamed vegetables and soups quickly on a busy night. It can dry out leftover pasta and dehydrate sauces, leaving them tasteless and without the necessary moisture.

Thankfully, there’s good news for those of us who love pasta and depend heavily on our microwaves. In fact, there’s more than one way to keep your reheated pasta from mediocrity—and they’re both super easy!

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Method 1: The Ice Cube Hack

First, spread the cold pasta on a plate. Next, top it with one ice cube. Finally, cover that ice cube using a parchment or paper towel. Though this may seem a bit strange at first, you’ve gotta trust the process.

An ice cube will create steam in the microwave and prevent dry pasta. For best results, microwave the pasta for one minute each and stir every time.

Method 2: A Damp Paper Towel

If you’re planning to bring leftover pasta with you to work or school, this hack is especially useful. You’ll start out the same way, by spreading the pasta on a plate in a thin layer, but this time you’ll drape a damp paper towel over your noodles instead. Similar to the ice-cube method, the damp towel will retain moisture.

Using either trick will maintain the pasta’s intended texture without affecting the taste. Both tips are extremely simple and very effective. However, the paper towel method is slightly more efficient than the ice cube.

It may take more time to heat pasta with ice, depending on how hot your microwave is. By contrast, the damp paper towel is no-fuss, and it’s faster. The final decision will ultimately be up to you, fellow pasta-lovers.

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