Two strokes that were caused by fish suppers left Dad brain-damaged and blind.


After years of overeating fish, a father suffered two strokes in just three months.

Jay Johnson was only 44 years old when he suffered his first stroke. He admitted that he hadn’t thought much about his poor diet until then.

Jay’s first stroke was caused by high blood pressure after years of an unhealthy lifestyle and diet, The Daily Record reported.

The now 48-year-old said: “When I was 21, I only weighed seven stone, so I thought I could eat anything I wanted. Fish suppers were my favorite.

“If I could talk to my 18-year-old self, I would tell myself to wise up. Before my stroke I didn’t have a clue an unhealthy lifestyle could cause a stroke.

He has taken up disabled darts and will walk down the aisle in August to marry fiancee Sarah Thomson
He took up disabled darts, and will be walking down the aisle to marry Sarah Thomson in August

“I never want to run the risk of having another stroke. That is why I’ve made lifestyle changes and it’s making me feel like a happier, better person.”

After the death of Marvyn, his father, a 38-year-old soldier, his poor lifestyle began to take hold at age 19. He was then shot by the IRA in Belfast.

As he cared to his ex-fiancee Julie Cooke during her battle with cancer, his bad diet continued.

He was devastated when she died a month prior to their wedding.

Just five months after Julie’s death, he suffered his first stroke while chatting to a friend on FaceTime.

His poor lifestyle took hold at 19, after the death of his dad Marvyn, 38, a part-time soldier who was shot dead by the IRA
At 19 his poor life took root after the death Marvyn, 38 (part-time soldier) who was killed by the IRA.

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He said: “My speech was really slurred, as if I was drunk, and my friend told me to go to bed. When I attempted to climb into bed, my left leg gave way and I fell.

“I tried to use my left arm to push myself up but there was no power in it. I shuffled myself off to bed using my right arm and leg to crawl along the floor. It was frightening.”

He made a partial recovery but suffered a second stroke 11 weeks later, a fortnight after he had take part in a 5k run – against doctor’s advice.

This time it was more serious, leaving him blind and with brain damage which causes him to be irritable and overly emotional.

Jay, who lives near Dunfermline, Fife, has slowly got his life back on track after the strokes in 2018.

He has taken up disabled darts and will walk down the aisle in August to marry fiancee Sarah Thomson.

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