Two top NFL running backs will fight in a boxing match


Two of the greatest running backs in NFL history will meet in the ring.ESPNAdrian Peterson, Le’Veon Bell and Le’Veon Bell signed contracts to compete in a heavyweight boxing contest at Arena in Los Angeles on July 30th. The exhibition bout will see both running backs compete in the boxing ring, but it won’t mark their official debut. 

The Peterson-vs. Bell fight will take place on the Social Gloves 2: UndercardAustin McBroom was the inspiration for this event. McBroom will face YouTuber AnEsonGib. Blueface will take on former NBA player Nick Young. 

The fight will take place right as the NFL teams begin training camp in preparation for the regular season. Bell and Peterson can be signed as free agents. These people have not been given a lot of attention. from teams during the offseason program. This could change as players are injured and teams look for depth at the runningback position. 

Peterson, 37, was a player with the Tennessee Titans, Seattle Seahawks, and Arizona Cardinals last year. He spent time with the Washington Commanders (Detroit Lions), Arizona Cardinals Saints, New Orleans Saints, New Orleans Saints, and Minnesota Vikings during his entire career, 2007-2016. Peterson reached the Pro Bowl seven times, was named MVP in 2012 and was also named Offensive Players of the Year. Pete Carroll, Peterson’s coach at the Seahawks told him to become a coach once he was officially retired. 

“The funny thing is, I never really envisioned myself coaching, not on this level or the college level,”Peterson said. “Maybe my son’s little league team or something. But after talking to Coach Pete, it’s something that I’ve been kind of thinking about. I talked to my wife as well, and she was like, ‘Adrian, you’re just a different person when you’re around football, so it’s something you really should think about and consider.’ So for the first time, I’ve actually thought about it and considered going that direction when I’m done playing football.”

Bell, 30 years old, played last year for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as well as the Baltimore Ravens. He spent six seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs as well as the New York Jets, Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Jets. Bell was elected to the Pro Bowl three and All-Pro Team four times in his career.