Tyra Banks sever Jimmie Allen’s Tributes to His Grandmother


Dancing With the StarsSeason 30 is underway and two celebrities were eliminated in double elimination Monday night. Although it is always disappointing to see a pro dancer partner and a star leave the competition, this was a heartbreaking episode. Jimmie Allen, a country singer, and Emma Slater, a pro dancer, were sent home. Allen paid tribute to Bettie Snead in the last moments of the show. Tyra Banks interrupted him mid-sentence to cut him off.

“So people have been wondering what this scarf is,”Allen spoke after Banks left him to think about his final thoughts. “This scarf was my grandmom’s scarf. She always wore it. So every show, I wear it.”

Banks interrupted Allen before he could say more about his grandmother. “She’s here with us,”Promote the couples who have been evicted. Good Morning Americaappearance and ABC’s behind the scenes CMA special. It was seen as rude and unneeded, provoking backlash from viewers. 

Banks has been criticised for her poor time management during interludes throughout the season. Some suggested she should cut some filler asides rather than rush to the end of segments. In this case, Banks could not have attempted to call the night’s other eliminated couples, Valentin Chmerkovskiy (left) and Olivia Jade Giannulli (right), on stage when they were apparently far away from the main audience. She was clearly required to promote ABC’s shows. However, she could have realized that Allen was in an emotional tribute and just let it unfold. Others suggested that Banks might not return to the “Best Shot”singer if she didn’t intend to let him finish his thoughts. Scroll down to read the thoughts of fans about the Dancing With the Stars blunder.

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“Tyra asking Jimmie how he felt and then talking over him when he started to speak was so incredibly rude,”One fan Write. A second person Additional, “It was honestly so f—ing rude of Tyra to interrupt Jimmie when he was talking about his grandma.”


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“Yo Tyra, maybe don’t ask about a sentimental item only to then cut them off mid-sentence,”Third person Write. The fourth Additional, “the way she cut off Jimmie talking about his grandma, she wasn’t even listening to what he was saying!”


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“Tyra has time to talk ab an awards thing but won’t let the CONTESTANTS talk about the staff and crew and everyone they love and are thankful for? Make it make sense fr,”Another irritated viewer Write.


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“Olivia is eliminated + Tyra straight up stand right infront of her. Then Jimmie talks about his scarf/grandma [and] Tyra is like ‘okay anyway!–‘”Another fan who is annoyed Write. “(I) have never seen this kind of unprofessionalism from a host EVER on #DWTS PLEASE get rid of Tyra & bring back Tom.”


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“please get rid of [Tyra Banks],”Another person . “She embarrassed Suni last week. Then Janet proclaims Tyra is embarrassing her and she replies, “It is my job to embarrass and humiliate you.” Then she asks Jimmie a question during his last moment and talk over him. Tyra IS AN EMBARRASSING! Replace her”


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“Jimmie is trying to talk about his late grandma and Tyra shut him down. Damn. Lol,”Another viewer Important. Another person tweeted “She’s (Tyra) not graceful with her transitions and the show isn’t about her- but she makes sure she has her time.”


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