Tyrese Gibson Asks Fans for Prayers for Mom Hospitalized With COVID


Tyrese Gibson is asking his fans for prayers after his mother, Priscilla Murray Gibson, was hospitalized with COVID-19 and pneumonia over the weekend. The Fast and The Furious star said his mother is now in a coma and was sedated. Gibson heard the news about his mother while he was working on a film, and rushed to the hospital to be by her side.

On Sunday, Gibson posited a photo from the set of the movie he was working on, showing himself sitting back in a chair, distraught. “In the middle of filming and just got the worst phone call I’ve ever gotten,” Gibson wrote. “I just had to ask the director let me pause for a second close my eyes and pray.”

The actor then explained that Priscilla was diagnosed with COVID-19 and was in a coma. Gibson said she was diagnosed earlier this week, but he refrained from sharing the news publicly until now. In another post on Sunday, he said the director he was working with has “a heart and compassion,” so filming was paused so Gibson could return to his mother.

“Praying specific prayers are welcome say her name PRISCILLA MURRAY,” Gibson wrote. “We believe in Miracles Miracles in Jesus’ name I’m also praying for everyone that is dealing with traumas, pain or their loss and unexpected transition and losing all you’ve ever worked for… I see you and feel you I feel everything I’m an empath I feel everything… And I’m carrying everything… I am far from perfect but I thank God that he has kept me and covered me and my family through this all so I’m expecting a miracle over my mother and this too shall pass amen.”

Late Sunday night, Gibson shared a photo from the hospital ICU, where his mother is still being treated. He also published a 14-minute video from outside his mother’s hospital room. “If I can ask you for prayer I can also give you some good news about these blessings in progress,” Gibson captioned the clip. “If you don’t know you will know after you see this Jesus is real!!! 6 mask got my ears screaming.”

In the clip, Gibson noted that he and his mother “had their share of issues” in the past, but those are behind them in this moment, notes PEOPLE. “As I sit here, I’m thanking God for every breath,” Gibson told fans. “I am so grateful. She’s right here.”

In the past, Gibson has discussed his mother’s struggle with alcoholism. In October 2017, he bought Priscilla a new house when she celebrated 11 years of sobriety. “This is the reason why we work as hard as we do,” Gibson said at the time. “It’s not about what’s in your bank account. It’s about what you’re doing to make a difference in other people’s lives from the heart.”

Gibson is best known for playing Roman Pearce in The Fast and The Furious movies. He also stars in Sony’s upcoming Spider-Man spin-off movie Morbius, which opens on April 1. Last year, he competed on The Masked Singer and starred in Dangerous with Scott Eastwood. 

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