Tyson Fury calls “wreck”Deontay Wilder will reconsider his decision to fight again


Tyson Fury urged Deontay wilder to reconsider his retirement from the ring. He was concerned that he may not have enough left after their epic trilogy.

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Wilder announces a boxing return after Tyson Fury’s double defeat

Tyson Fury is unsure if Deontay Wilder will have enough fuel to fight again after their epic trilogy.

After losing a second consecutive bout to Fury last December, Wilder was contemplating retirement. The ‘Bronze Bomber,’ however, has confirmed that he will be returning to the ring and is keen to renew his charge for the heavyweight titles.

Fury believes Wilder, even though he is uncertain about his future. However, he believes that Wilder has the potential to knock out anyone in the division if Fury performs to his best. “He is a very dangerous fighter and I think he will knock anybody out if he hits them in the face,”Fury told Queensberry PromotionsDuring an interview about his future plans.

“And in 12 rounds of course he will hit you in the face. But I don’t know what is left in his tank. You don’t have a trilogy with the best fighter on the planet and come out of the other side to tell a great story and win world titles. He has been absolutely destroyed mentally, physically and emotionally, and I would say he is a wreck at the moment. He has had a cracked jaw, a cracked skull, been knocked out cold twice and it is a tough comeback for him.

“It will all depend on what he has left, but I would not like him to keep going because I know that he doesn’t need the money. I’d love to see him retire. It’s not clear if he wins more fights or is simply too exhausted and loses his legacy. He has been defeated by the greatest fighter of his generation at the moment. That is not shameful. However, if he returns and starts to get wiped off the floor by his shot wounds, it would be shameful.”

Wilder broke his hand during the third instalment of their rivalry while showing his supreme power by sending Fury to the canvas twice. However, he came up short, having been stopped in the penultimate round with a series of barraging blows.

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Andy Ruiz, Otto Wallin and Joseph Parker have all issued call-outs to Wilder, who will likely look to return as a candidate for Fury’s WBC title. A number of other options could also be on the table for the former champion, who believes the division would be less exciting without an American in the ascendency.

“He said that boxing thrives on excitement. However, the excitement of an American champ is what I’ve proven.” Blue Blood Sports TV. “Once that is gone, so is boxing. It was living proof. Because that’s what I heard from all levels of society, I decided to return on popular demand. It’s for everyone, from homeless people to billionaires. Many people have reached out to me and said it’s important. It’s not exciting to watch boxing without an American heavyweight.