Tyson Fury extends an offer to Anthony Joshua for a rematch against Oleksandr Uzyk


Fury is willing to train Joshua next year for his world title rematch against Usyk. The Watford native appears interested in working alongside his rival

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Joshua trains with Charlo as his coach while he searches for a new trainer.

Tyson Fury will train Anthony Joshua in his Oleksandr Uzyk rematch. He has to agree to this, so long as it is free.

In the lead-up to Fury’s rematch with Deontay wilder, the world heavyweight champion Fury offered his offer. Joshua was silent until now.

Fury said that he believes that he knows how to beat Usyk who is undefeated, and was a former undisputed champion in cruiserweight.

Joshua said that he had offered to train Joshua in the rematch.

“Yeah lovely mate,” Joshua told iFL TV when asked about Fury’s coaching offer.

“If he takes no money for it. I don’t know if he’s after a quid or two.

“He’s more than welcome to come through the doors, he can even spar with me as well.”

Joshua visited a few gyms across America last week to gather more information about Usyk. However, he is still sticking with Rob McCracken.

And he stated that he would like Fury to work for him because of his past experience and because he believes that it’s the only way he can finally step in between his long-time foe.

“I need a coach that’s lived it, breathed it, so it’ll be perfect.

“That’ll be the easiest way to get him in the ring, I’ll set up a camera, Eddie [Hearn]There will be a few cameras to capture it on Facebook or YouTube.

Joshua is genuinely excited about the opportunity to train with his most fierce rival, despite it all being somewhat tongue-in cheek.

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He is a historian of the sport. He remembers the times when the best fighters could work together and not hide behind secretive training camps in order to gain more advantages.

“I’m seeing pictures with Sugar Ray Robinson, Joe Louis, Archie Moore, Muhammad Ali, all sitting together, in each others training camps,” Joshua continued.

“I feel like I’ve been tucked away a lot – come into my training camp, come and see what the heavyweight champion gets up to.

“Tyson is welcome to come watch me train 100%. Sparring ain’t fighting, so he can definitely come in.

“He’s more than welcome to step in to the gym and give me some tips.

“I’m not fighting him next anyway so he ain’t got nothing to worry about.”

Fury and Joshua were set to fight in August, with Saudi Arabia agreeing to host the bout for massive money, but an arbitrator ordered that the ‘Gypsy King’ must first have a trilogy fight with Deontay Wilder.

And Joshua now understands that he must defeat Usyk in the rematch before he can even consider Fury as a potential opponent.