Tyson Fury’s brother pours water on DillianWhyte during fight


Tyson Fury, undefeated heavyweight, defended his WBC title against Dillian Whyte at Wembley stadium Saturday evening

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Pictures: Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte

During the fourth round, Tyson Fury’s brother Shane appeared as if to throw water at Dillian Howte during their heavyweight world championship fight.

Fury, 33, secured his WBC Heavyweight title by a stunning sixth round knockout. His unbeaten record is now intact. The reigning champion of the world was dominant throughout and defeated Whyte, 34, by a third knockout.

The fourth round was the most exciting, with both fighters frequently coming to blows. Fury’s corner was the most controversial, as Fury’s brother Shane appeared to throw water at Whyte.

As Fury attempted to disrupt Fury’s rhythm and get back in the contest, Shane protested against Whyte’s tactics. Fury continued to defend his WBC crown, undefeated record and Whyte’s actions were ineffective.

“Fury was comfortable all the way through that – boxed and moved and set that uppercut up so nicely,”Audley Harrison, an Olympic heavyweight champion tweeted. “Whyte needed to fight at a higher pace and tempo, but fury did a good job.”

Just before Fury’s knockout, Lennox Lewis, a former heavyweight champion of the world, told BT Sport: “Dillian Whyte needs to pick it up a bit more. Tyson is getting the punches to the body which is zapping Whyte’s energy.

“Dillian is tired so you will see him open his mouth and breathe. Tyson is doing the right decision by staying outside. He is winning.”

Speaking after the fight, Fury hinted at retirement. “This could be the last curtain call for Gypsy King.” admitted the WBC champion. Boxing fans will hope that’s not the case, as many want to see him fight Oleksandr Usyk and Anthony Joshua.

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Fury went on to say: “My England! We are Spartans! Just wanted to say that I am overwhelmed by the support. I can’t believe 94,000 of my countrymen and women came to see me tonight. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who bought tickets or stayed up late just to watch me perform.

“Dillian Whyte is a warrior, and I believe he will be a world champion. But tonight, he met a great in the sport. I’m one of the greatest heavyweights of all times and unfortunately for Dillian Whyte, he had to face me here tonight.

“There is no shame in him, he’s a strong, tough man who can be as tough as a bull, and has the heart of an lion. You are not playing with a weak heavyweight. Instead, you are competing with the best heavyweight in the world.

“As a professional, it was an uppercut and even Lennox Lewis would be proud of that right uppercut tonight.

“SugarHill Steward is also a great fighter. SugarHill Steward, who is a legend, made me jib and jab, touch, and slide years ago. Your punching power has made me the best heavyweight boxer by a long shot. This man is the greatest trainer in boxing, including anyone. Unbelievable tonight, we were.

“I promised my lovely wife Paris of 14 years that after the Wilder 3 fight, that would be it. I meant it, we had a war, it was a great trilogy and I meant that. But I got offered to fight at Wembley at home and I believe I owed it to the fans, every person in the United Kingdom to come here and fight at Wembley… what a way to go out, a big thank you to the United Kingdom!”