UFC star Jimmy Crute kept fighting for two years despite horrific knee injuries


UFC star Jimmy Crute admits that he has suffered from a torn ACL in his knee ligament during four of his last four fights, which included victories over Michal Oleksiejczuk (and Modestas Bakauskas).

UFC star Jimmy Crute admitted that he had been fighting for two years with a torn ligament in his knee.

Australian star is currently campaigning at light-heavyweight, where he lost to Jamahal Hill last December. Crute suffered back-toback losses after previously being defeated by Anthony Smith. This has caused a serious dent in his record with the promotion.

Crute refuses to excuse his recent decline in form by citing the ACL injury that he’s been suffering for two years. “I blew my anterior cruciate ligament four weeks before I fought him.” [Michal Oleksiejczuk]”,” the 26-year old told 7NEWS.com.au. “So yeah. I’ve had 4 fights without an ACL [anterior cruciate ligament]. They do grow back but not 100% and I was not sure if it was a complete rupture or if there was enough to grow back. For the last few fights, I was a little compromised.

“[It happened during] training, I just stood out wrong on a take-down defend and it exploded. It was my right leg that had the reconstructions. Anthony just pinpointed the perfect spot on the lead leg, the kick itself affected the opposite leg. It felt really good after that [Oleksiejczuk fight], but I think the real damage came from fight after fight and training after training. I’m not blaming the losses on that, I was beaten by the better men on those nights. But I should have looked after myself a long time ago.”

Crute was able to win against Oleksiejczuk (and Modestas Bukuauskas) despite struggling with his injury all through preparations. Smith took down Crute’s form when he met him, and he used repetitive takedowns to weaken his leg. Crute’s peroneal nerve was also broken, which caused the Australian to collapse on the floor in pain.

Although he was offered surgery before his defeat with Smith, he declined it, even though recognizing that he should have accepted. “One time I was walking along, I stepped over this bit of concrete and my freaking knee exploded [again]. I tore every single ligament in my knee, and I had fractures in my shin,” Crute continued.

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“I was trying to fight the surgery and the doctor was just like, ‘mate, if you don’t get surgery, you’re going to need a full knee replacement by the time you are thirty’. In hindsight I should have got the surgery done ages ago, but me being stubborn, I wasn’t listening to the people around me. I decided to go against that [initial surgery request] and I got two wins with it, but then I lost.”

Crute had the surgery in February. He is currently recovering. Crute may not be able to return soon, but he is looking for a return of training in the future. He will also seek an octagon comeback by 2023.