Ugandan Children Dance Group, The Ghetto Kid Helps Disadvantaged Kids Meet


A Ugandan children’s dance group moves for a cause. 

Founded by Daouda Kavuma as a non-governmental organization, The Ghetto Kids group is comprised of children from Kampala’s slums.

The organization uses music, dance and drama to help meet disadvantaged children and orphans’ basic needs, including attaining a school education.

The dance group’s routines often go viral, including their recent performance to Eltee Skhillz’s “ODG,” Nigeria’s most searched son on Shazam. 

Daouda founded the organization after meeting three children on the street who couldn’t pay their school fees.

Daouda taught the children a few dance moves and they used these new skills to raise funds. He identified with the children, having been 7 years old when he himself was orphaned. 

Daouda was a little boy when he lost his father and had to navigate living on the streets and finding a sponsor for his school expenses. 

He then went on to become a teacher and graduated from college. 

“I decided and promised myself that ‘When I grow up, at least I’ll be able up to help one kid,’” Duada said. 


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