UK Eurovision entry revealed by Essex TikTok sensation Sam Ryder, track Space Man


Sam Ryder is a social media superstar who became famous for his covers of hits by Adele and Michael Jackson. He now has the honor of representing the UK in the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest

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Sam Ryder named UK Eurovision Act for 2022

Sam Ryder, representing the UK in the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest will be there

Scott Mills, Eurovision superfan, announced the news to Greg James Radio 1 Breakfast Show on Thursday morning.

After entertaining his fans with stirring covers of Adele and Michael Jackson, Sam, a 31-year-old Essex native, has amassed a staggering 12 million TikTok followers.

Scott made the announcement and told listeners: “We need to get behind our act because everyone else does.

“Stop sneering – even if you don’t like it,” he went on. “We all can make an impact on how well someone is known overseas if we are more connected to them.

“I believe that this our best shot in years,”He added.

Sam will perform Space Man, which features soaring vocals, lots of falsetto, at the Eurovision finals in Turin, Italy, May 14.

After finishing at the bottom of the leaderboard for 2021, the UK will be hoping to have better luck in 2019.

Hopeful Sam has an already large fan base and was the most-viewed UK artist on TikTok for 2020.

His breakthrough moment came when he posted a version of Britney Spears’ Hit Me Baby One More Time, which got him noticed by he likes of Justin Bieber and Alicia Keys.

Sam’s cover of “What’s Going On”, by 4NonBlondes was viewed 55million times.

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