UK is hot enough to ‘fry eggs on cars’ during this heatwave of 30C


According to a weather expert, Brits may see temperatures so hot that they can fry an egg in their car bonnets over the next few days.

This is after the nation enjoyed balmy weather for the week. Conditions improved from March’s damp and cold start.

Jim Dale, British Weather Services meteorologist said that temperatures could reach 30C when it is directly sunny.

He said “We expect general highs of 21C (70F) in the warmest spots over the next couple of days.

“But in direct sunshine, it might be possible to record temperatures of 30C, the sort of temperatures which can make it hot enough to fry an egg on a car bonnet.

Brits could be frying eggs on car bonnets this week as 30C is possible in direct sunlight
The Brits could fry eggs in car bonnets this week, as it is possible to reach 30C in direct sunlight

“This can bring the risk of sunburn, so this is something for people to watch out for.”

The Met Office forecast today (24 March), reads: “Early fog patches quickly clearing to leave another warm day with plenty of sunshine for most. Very isolated afternoon showers may develop in the north, more likely over eastern Scotland. Cloudier in the northwest with some light rain at times.”

Chris Fawkes of BBC Weather warned that air pollution could be very high in some areas of the country today due to the high pressure weather front. East Anglia is likely to suffer the worst effects.

Tuesday saw the mercury hit 20.5C in Northolt, West London - the hottest day of the year so far
Tuesday, February 5, 2015 was the hottest day in the year. The mercury reached 20.5C at Northolt West London.

He said, “People should not be afraid to ask for help.” “get used”The warmer weather is spring, which is notoriously hot. “fickle” season.

Large queues could be seen on a Scottish beach yesterday (Wednesday, March 23rd) as revellers made use of the rare early-spring heatwave.

Edinburgh residents made their way to Portobello Beach when temperatures reached 17C.

The UK does not have any official weather warnings at the moment.

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