UK Is The Fourth Country With The Highest Number Of Beautiful People


The UK has been named as the country that is home to the fourth-highest number of beautiful people in the world, by a new study.

While we all know beauty is in the eye of the beholder there are some countries that are known for having gorgeous people. Unfortunately, the UK isn’t usually one of them.

We don’t have the best stereotypes when it comes to our looks, but research has found that we’ve had some of the top competitors in beauty pageants around the world.

The USA tops the list which is no surprise considering the country is the home of Hollywood and many stunning films and music stars.

America has had 61 international pageant winners which is almost double that of the second-place country. Venezuela came next with 35 total winners – and there’s no question why when the country produces some stunning beauty queens and kings.

In third was Brazil, showing that South America is coming in strong, with 26 winners. And, the UK came fourth with 25 winners – proving that we might be more attractive than we’re given credit for.

In fifth was the Philippines, with 23 wins! Followed by Australia, Colombia, and Thailand all flaunting 19 international beauty stars and winning joint sixth place. And, in joint seventh was South Africa and Spain with 18 international winners.

The study even narrowed down the winners to the cities they were born in to find out which had created the most beautiful people.

Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, came out on top with 10 international pageant winners hailing from the sunny city.

This was followed by Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, which was the birthplace of seven beauty queens, and then Sydney with six.

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