UK snow forecast: Map shows flurries in Britain as brutal winter blast hits next week


The Met Office is expecting icy temperatures through mid-February where the snowfall could become more widespread and include southern England while 60cm is expected in some areas

Brits are being warned that they face “winter forays” of snow throughout mid-February that could see more than 60cm fall and be more widespread than so far in a freezing Arctic blast.

On the back of a wintry weekend where there was a north-south divide, as Scotland took the brunt of the freezing temperatures, there is expected to be more widespread snow next week including southern England, the Met Office say.

But for the coming days the divide will continue as temperatures could get as low as -7C in Scotland on Thursday.

Jim Dale, a senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, said that “wintry forays” will be in store for mid-February, with snow depth varying from region to region.

He told the Express that the risk for the next 10 days is between two and three centimetres of snowfall in northern areas and more than ten times that for mountainous parts of the country.

He added the “snow risks [are] heightening for northern areas,” before sweeping “beyond Scotland” and “piling up within Scotland itself”.

Tuesday will see between one and five centimetres of snow in the northwest regions of Scotland before predictions jump to between 10 and 15 centimetres on Wednesday across a wider part of west Scotland.

On Thursday, more of Scotland will have snowfall, which among the highest regions will reach above 30cm in depth.

But by the middle of next week the snowfall becomes heavier in Scotland and more widespread.

Maps from WXCharts show that more than 60cm could fall in western Scotland on February 19 while there could be up to 5cm of snow in northern England and also a carpet of snow in the south.

Looking to the next few days, Met Office forecaster Aidan McGivern said the harsher weather will be for Scotland.

He said for Wednesday: “Many places cloudy and dry in the south, skies brighten in north wales and northern England, perhaps even into the Midlands, sunny spells here.

“Scotland and Northern Ireland staying blustery and the snow level comes down as the temperatures drop away in Scotland and we could even see some sleet down into the lower levels.

“So some snow settling above 200m during the day for central and northern Scotland. Winds touching gale force in the far north west of Scotland making it feel really quite cold but it stays mild in the south.”

UK forecast for the next 5 days


Mostly dry, bright and very mild in the south, although some drizzle for western hills. Cloudy with outbreaks of rain across central areas. Colder with sunny intervals and blustery showers for the north, wintry over hills.


Rain moving south into Wales and central England, but southern parts remaining dry. Frequent showers across northern areas, wintry over hills and to lower levels in the far north.


Band of cloud and occasional moving south into southern areas, where still very mild. Central areas becoming mostly dry and bright, whilst windy in the north with occasional wintry showers.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday:

Wintry showers in the north Thursday, elsewhere rain clearing from the far south then dry. Very windy across northern Scotland. Mostly fine Friday before rain spreads to northern areas Saturday.