UK Weather: “40% chance Atlantic storm” despite heatwave


Weather forecasters warned that there’s a 40% chance of the UK being ravaged by an “Atlantic storm”This month, despite the imminent heatwave.

According to, Brits can expect scorching temperatures in the next few days with temperatures reaching 28C. Netweather.

However, the BBC’s long-range forecast for May 23rd through June 5 suggests that it may not be clear for all.

They write: “The signs we do have indicate that the Azores high extends into north-west and central Europe for some periods of this week. Lower pressure moves across northern Scandinavia.

“This would result in a slightly higher temperature than the average. It is possible to have a dryer rainfall pattern in England and Wales. This pattern would be nearer seasonal in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The BBC say there is a 40% chance of an "Atlantic storm" hitting the UK soon (stock image)
According to BBC, there is a 40% chance for an “Atlantic storm”The UK is coming soon (stock image).

“There are other scenarios possible over the latter part of the forecast.

“The Atlantic storm track could become active further south if high pressure from the Azores does not build across Europe.

“This would bring a more unsettled pattern across the country. We estimate this risk at 40%.”

The Met Office also warns that the weather may not be as pleasant as it was expected over that time.

Temperatures are expected to head close to 30C in places
In some places, temperatures will reach 30C

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They write: “There looks to be a change during this period, with more unsettled conditions bringing spells of rain or showers for many areas.”

They continue to tell us that they are happy. “drier spells are also likely, particularly in the south” “temperatures will continue to be above average, especially in the south where it could be very warm early in the period”.

Brits should not expect storms this week, as the first of five heatwaves that will bake sunseekers is expected to bring no rain.

According to The Met Office, London temperatures could reach a record high of 104°F. “hazy”23C today (May 9) and things will get hotter in Mexico and Turkey over the next five day.

Weather forecasters say 40% chance 'Atlantic storm' hits UK in days despite 28C heatwave
London could see temperatures of 23C today (stock photo)

James Madden is a forecaster at Exacta Weather. “The overall summer forecast is now pointing towards at least four or five major heatwaves.

“These will build throughout the summer months, but at the moment, August looks the most likely to bring these blasts of very hot weather.

“The first major spell of summer could arrive as soon as late May.”

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