UK weather forecast: British to enjoy balmy 20C for week of scorching temperatures


The Met Office has made predictions “seven days at least”Of “warm sunshine”Temperatures rose to 20C Tuesday. If you’re going to be outside for a long time, make sure to apply sunscreen

Brits can expect to enjoy high temperatures in the coming week “seven days at least”Warm sunshine and temperatures reaching 20C

According to the Met Office, spring has arrived in the UK with temperatures above average despite a cold start March. However, there will still be frosty mornings.

This week, people are ready to go out and enjoy the sun and blue skies across the country.

A high pressure system moving into the east of the country is causing problems. It will become centralised over the UK on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, temperatures could reach 20C in southern parts of London and Cambridge. Forecasters advise anyone spending extended periods outdoors to apply sunscreen.

Met Office forecaster Aidan McGivern stated that Brits can look forward a warmer weekend after it reached 20.2C in Kinlochewe, Scotland. “seven days”Sunshine “at least”.

“There will be more spring sunshine to come during the rest of the week,”He said.

“High pressure close to the east then becomes increasingly centred over the UK from Wednesday into Thursday and Friday.

“That high pressure isn’t going anywhere for the foreseeable. For the next seven days at least it’s going to bring plenty of warm sunshine.”

He also said that “variable amounts of cloud”On Tuesday, they will be moving across northern England, the Midlands, and southern Scotland. “a few lights showers”However, it will remain dry and sunny for most of the day.

Mornings could feel colder than usual and drop to -3C in Scotland, but it should not be below freezing for the rest.

“A fresh start or a chilly start in places on Tuesday morning, you’ll see that cloud across central areas moving south and a few spots of rain associated with it but it tends to fizzle away by the afternoon perhaps reforming to give a few showers across northern England and southern Scotland later in the day,”McGivern.

“Otherwise away from that area, plenty of sunshine and in western parts, a sunnier day compared to Monday.

“From central Scotland to the south of England, temperatures can reach 16C to 18C. London and Cambridge could see temperatures of 19C to 20, for example. Shetland in the far north is cold due to the North Sea breeze, but temperatures for most of the year are much higher than average.”

Similar temperatures are forecast for the following days, with the mercury dropping one or two degrees towards the end of the week.

UK forecast for the next 5 days

Tuesday sunny and warm for many, only very isolated showers.


Mostly dry with spells of hazy sunshine. Scattered showers may develop over the Midlands, northern England, southern Scotland and Northern Ireland during the afternoon. Most places missing these but the odd one could be heavy. Warm in the sunshine.


Any showers fading, then dry with clear spells. Some rural spots ending up with grass frost, while a few fog patches are likely, more especially in east and northeast England.


After any fog clears, many areas fine, with temperatures well above average and feeling warm in the sunshine. One or two places in the east could catch a stray shower.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday:

Dry for most with warm sunny spells and patchy rural frost and fog overnight. Cloudier across the far north with some patchy rain or drizzle at times. Light winds.

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