UK weather forecast: The exact time of heatwave in your region as 26C weekend sizzler


Met Office says this afternoon could reach 26C, breaking the previous record of the hottest year.

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Met Office forecasts warm temperatures for the UK

The UK is expected to see temperatures of 26C this weekend, despite the fact that summer is still weeks away.

According to BBC weather charts, today is expected to be the hottest day in 2018.

This record was broken on the Easter bank holiday weekend. 23.4C was measured in St James Park, Central London.

As the weather has become more stable, mercury has been increasing over the past few day as a North African plume moves up from the south.

The Met Office also warned that thunderstorms and showers could occur on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

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The high temperatures make it more comfortable than hotspots such as Ibiza or Barcelona in Spain.

Andy Page, Met Office chief meteorologist, stated: “The plume of warm air we have been expecting from the south will bring higher temperatures across the whole country over the next week.

“It appears that the Atlantic lows’ effects will keep the east from building high pressure.

“This means that while we might see some warm – and in places very warm – days, overall the next week will feel more like what we would expect of a warm spell in May, with some heavy showers around, rather than hot summery weather.”


Scotland will be sunny with some clouds, but with a moderate breeze.

Temperatures could reach 18C in Edinburgh, Scotland from Saturday at 2pm.

The mercury will rise to similar temperatures tomorrow, and rain will arrive around 9pm.

North East

From Saturday midday, temperatures will reach 17-18C

However, cloudy conditions and a light breeze will ensure that the sun is not shining consistently until 5 p.m.

Sunday will be a day of decline as temperatures rise to around 15C. In the afternoon, it rains.

North West

Manchester, for example, will experience 19C today from 2pm. Cloud clearing occurs by 5pm. Temperatures rise further to 20C.

Sunday’s temperatures will reach 17C, but it is possible to expect some drizzle and light rain throughout the day.

Around 3pm, it will become dryer but the clouds will keep you covered. This means that there won’t be much sunlight breaking through.


The Midlands will bake from sunrise to at least 3:00 today with temperatures reaching 26C in the heat, accompanied by bright and clear sunshine.

The clouds and rain will move in the evening but temperatures are expected remain high for some time.

Tomorrow will be cloudy, but the sun will rise by noon. The mercury won’t likely climb above 17C.


This morning, sunny periods will dominate much of Wales. The clouds will clear by around 4pm. Temperatures peak at 21C.

At 8pm, the overcast skies will be back

Tomorrow’s weather will mix rain, cloud and mild temperatures. However, parts of the country could reach 17C by 2pm.


London will see bright sunshine and clear sky for most of the day.

At 3pm, temperatures will reach 21C.

Tomorrow could be hotter, but any sun blockage by heavy clouds will keep it from shining. Rain is likely to arrive at 8pm.

South East

After a dry start, expect long spells of hazy sunlight this afternoon.

Temperatures could reach 22C in the inland areas, while they will be lower at the coast.

Overnight clouds will grow and heavy thundery downpours could be on the horizon. But, Sunday should remain warm with highs around 19C.

South West

Saturday will have dry, stable weather, despite patches of cloud and temperatures around 19C.

In the afternoon, you might see a moderate breeze and thundery showers.

After a wet start, tomorrow will be around 20C. Sunny spells will replace the damp. However, thundery showers will continue into the evening.

UK weather forecast for 5 days


Northern Scotland is slowly seeing a decrease in rain and drizzle. It’s dry elsewhere, with lots of sunshine and light winds. A few showers may fall in southwest England towards evening.


Northern Britain is dry and clear with some rain. Showery rain from the southwest, sometimes heavy with thunder. The storm is moving slowly northeastwards.


Rain and cloud moving northwards in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Feeling warmer and more humid in the south, as it turns brighter.

Outlook Monday through Wednesday

You can expect showers and longer spells of rain, as well as thundery storms at times. Enjoy the SE’s dry, sunny weather. Some eastern coasts are more cool and misty.

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