UK weather forecast: The scorching Easter Sunday will reach 19C, just before the heatwave ends


The Met Office forecasts a hotter Easter Sunday than the average. This is because of the mini bank holiday heatwave that continues, with highs at 19C. Monday’s temperature will drop.

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UK Weather: Met Office forecasts continued sunshine

Britain will experience a scorcher Easter Sunday today, as the mini-heatwave continues.

According to forecasters, temperatures will reach 19C in England and Wales today.

According to the Met Office for April, the UK’s average daytime temperature is 13C.

However, today could see fog and mist before the day becomes drier in the east of the UK.

Northern Ireland is likely to see rain. It may then reach the western regions of Scotland, Wales and south-west England.

Easter Monday will be cloudy, but it will clear up later.

Simon Partridge (Met Office forecaster), spoke Saturday evening. “Sunday’s mostly dry across the vast majority of the country, apart from the far west, but it will turn slightly cloudy as the day goes on.

“Today and yesterday were full of sunshine. Tomorrow will see more milky sunshine as we have high-level clouds.

“But it will still be bright and dry and a little bit cooler tomorrow.

“Rainfall is most common overnight, between Sunday night and Monday morning (Bank Holiday Monday).

“As it makes its way eastwards it kind of fizzles out.

“It will rain in parts of Wales, northern England and western Scotland. But it will be dry by the time most people wake up.”

He added that there will be a “Very cloudy to begin”, but “It will disintegrate to the brighter sunshine spells and isolated showers (are) likely, but rain is not really possible until the evening in western Scotland”.

Saturday was another warm day as temperatures in each of the four nations reached above the seasonal average.

Chivenor in Devon, south-west England, had the highest recorded temperature in the UK with 21.6C – hotter than Istanbul in Turkey with 16C (60.8F) and Athens in Greece with 21C.

Cardiff, in south Wales, reached highs of 21.2C while Altnaharra, in northern Scotland, was 19.3C.

Armagh in Northern Ireland saw temperatures rise to 15.2C.

Beaches, parks and pub gardens have been packed out for the first Easter with no Covid restrictions in three years.

The good weather over the weekend has brought an estimated £2billion boost for the economy.

In pubs, there has been no shortage of cash changing hands – and by closing time tonight, drinkers are expected to have downed 85 million refreshing pints.

A surge of mini-breaks within Britain’s shores has played no small part in giving the economy a shot in the arm.

The most popular destinations are Whitby, on the Yorkshire coast, and Lake District favourites Ambleside and Bowness-on-Windermere.

Weymouth in Dorset and Carbis Bay in Cornwall completed the top five most-booked.

UK 5 day weather forecast


Mist and fog patches clearing then most areas dry with the best of the sunshine in the east. Cloudier with rain across Northern Ireland, spreading to other western areas later.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday:

Rain clears east Monday, easing quickly as it does so. Warm ahead of this, with cooler air following. Sunshine and scattered showers Tues/Weds, heaviest Wednesday with a risk of hail/thunder.

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