UK weather forecast: When will the snow fall? 80 mph gales are expected to cause chaos in travel.


Britain expects snow to fall over the next few days. The Met Office warns of gales that could cause widespread disruption and can reach speeds of 80 mph.

As severe gales threaten disruption to travel this weekend, parts of Britain are bracing themselves for a blast snow.

On Wednesday, snow is expected to fall on Scotland’s higher ground. However, the Arctic chill that has swept in after a mild November so far will bring down temperatures to lower levels.

On Friday and Saturday, expect hill snow as the weather becomes more unstable. “very strong winds, gales or severe gales”.

Travel disruptions up and down the country will be likely to result from gales of up to 80 mph.

Many areas could experience rain, snow, or a combination of both. The Met Office forecasts more snow for Sunday and Monday.

For most of Friday, a yellow wind warning has been issued for parts of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The warning will be extended to the UK on Saturday, with the exception of London and the south-east.

Brits are advised by the Met Office to be prepared for any damage to their buildings, such as travel delays, power outages and tiles being blown off roofs.

It stated that the strongest winds would arrive in northern Scotland on Friday afternoon. They will then become more prevalent overnight and into Saturday morning.

“Winds will tend to slowly ease from the north during the afternoon. The location and strength of the very strongest winds remains uncertain.

“However, gusts are likely to reach 50-60mph across the board, and 70-80mph in coastal areas, especially in Scotland and north-east England.”

The Met Office said some hill snow will be “Gales and strong winds possible Friday and Saturday.

Sky NewsJoanna Robinson, weather presenter, stated that the windy northerly winds will make it feel “raw.”

“In terms of snow, it’s challenging to forecast even just a few days ahead, with often marginal conditions across the UK.

“Friday and Saturday are more unpredictable, with rain, snow, and sleet. It is possible that snow will fall only briefly and be confined to higher ground.

In the north, overnight temperatures will likely drop below zero. They could drop to -7C. Express reported.

Met Office meteorologist Ollie Claydon said: “Overnight on Friday we could see snow on some wider areas of high ground across the UK, so across the Pennines and Welsh mountains.

“At the moment it is not looking likely that any of it will settle necessarily.

“With the rain around as well it could quite readily turn back to rain. It’s not looking like anything is going to necessarily settle elsewhere away from the Scottish mountains.”

Met Office five-day weather forecast


Many southern areas rather cloudy but dry, after any fog clears; odd spots of drizzle in places but some sunnier breaks too.

Rain in the northwest will move gradually south, followed by windier, colder weather with sunshine and blustery showers.

Wednesday night

Weakening rainband continues southeastwards across remaining southern areas, clearing most areas later.

Further north windy and cold; inland areas mainly clear but blustery showers around coasts, wintry on Scottish hills.


A colder day nearly everywhere, emphasised by brisk winds.

Plenty of sunny weather well inland, while areas exposed to the north will see occasional blustery showers punctuated by sunny intervals.

Friday to Sunday

Rain moving south on Friday followed by showers which will be wintry at times and continue through Saturday.

Drier on Sunday.

Very windy for a time, potentially disruptive gales.

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