UK Weather: Subzero chill to last through next week as the killer Storm Arwen clears


The aftermath of Storm Arwen, a vicious storm that decimated the Atlantic Coast, is likely to bring Britain a bitterly cold spell over the next two-days.

Over the weekend, three people died as a result of severe weather that ravaged large areas of the UK.

After his car was struck in Northern Ireland by a fallen tree, the school’s head teacher became the first to be affected by the storm.

It happened on Friday, at Antrim’s Dublin Road.

A falling tree in Aberdeenshire also claimed the life of a 35 year-old man on Friday. The tree landed on top his pickup truck.

Falling trees have been a major hazard across the UK this weekend — resulting in some tragic deaths
Falling trees have been a major hazard across the UK this weekend — resulting in some tragic deaths

Police who returned from the horrific scene to their van found their vehicle was destroyed by another tree.

Cumbria was the site of another tree-fall fatality.

The Met Office predicts that Sunday will be colder than the weekend, but there are more moderate showers.

The following is the forecast for Sunday, 28 November:

A partially collapsed gable end at Station Road in Seaham, County Durham
Station Road, Seaham County Durham – A partially collapsed gable end

“Rain and snow over northern Scotland sinking slowly southwards and easing. Some light rain for Northern Ireland. Much of England and Wales fine though some showers on exposed coasts. Cold.”

A “cold and bright start”Rain is forecast for Monday with rain spreading southeast across all regions.

Meanwhile, a pub manager could have lost her life to Storm Arwen had she finished her cigarette break a second earlier – as seen in terrifying CCTV from this weekend.

Met Office weather map for 28 November
Met Office weather map for November 28

Cheryl Pound smoked at 1.32 a.m. on Saturday (November 27, 2017) at The Star Bridgend, a town located between Cardiff, Swansea and Cardiff, during dangerous weather.

She grabs a drink at a table and heads indoors. A huge pine tree suddenly crashes down just inches away from her.

The 55-year-old woman told Wales Online: “The pub had shut and I went out for a cigarette before finishing cleaning up. The next thing I get attacked by a tree.”

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