UK weather: Three days worth of heavy rain to lash Britain just before snow and the -10C freeze


Three days of heavy rain are predicted for the UK, raising fears of flooding. North West England, Wales, and Scotland will be worst affected, before temperatures plummet.

Brits will face a washout the remainder of the week, with Met Office rain warnings in effect for the next three days. This is before the country is struck by a cold blast that can drop to -10C.

A flash flood alert is issued for areas of North West England and Wales, where heavy rains may be imminent.

On Wednesday, parts of Durham, Northumberland, and Cumbria could see 8 inches of rain. Some places are expecting a month’s worth in rain in less than 18 hours.

Met Office yellow warnings about rain are due to the pressure systems from Iceland that bring downpours to the UK’s coastal areas.

AccuWeather meteorologist Jake Sojda reported that torrential rain was expected for the North West and South West Scotlands on Wednesday. Express.

He said: “Strong low pressure south of Iceland will direct a narrow stream of moisture toward the UK Wednesday into Thursday, resulting in heavy rainfall for some parts along the west coast of Scotland, North West England and Wales.

“On Wednesday and Wednesday night this will primarily focus on North West England and South West Scotland, where rainfall amounts of 1-2 inches (25-50 mm) are likely and isolated rainfall amounts of 4 inches (200 mm) are possible.”

Mr Sojda stated that wet weather will continue to affect the UK’s south by the week’s end, though they will be less severe.

He stated: “Thursday night the stream of moisture will shift south. While rain will continue in North West England, pockets of heavy rain will also occur across Wales and South West England.”

The temperatures are also starting to fall with the cold snap next week.

Netweather maps show that the mercury is dropping to 10C in London and 2C in northern Scotland by the weekend.

Monday sees the first icy blue patches appear in the UK charts of Scotland. The early morning temperatures plunge towards zero.

The bitterly cold snap will continue through Wednesday night, with freezing minimum temperatures of around -3C in large parts of Central Scotland. Express.

The UK’s rest will remain just above freezing with temperatures as low as 4C in most parts of southern England.

By midday on Thursday next week, however, the icy cold patches are much larger as large areas of the UK become engulfed by bitterly frigid conditions.

A small portion of northern Scotland could see mercury drop as low as -6C, while northern England may see mercury drops as low as 2C.

This freezing theme will be evident for the remainder of the week. However, temperatures in Scotland are expected to plummet further on November 11.

According to the Met Office, snow in Scotland is most likely to be on higher ground between October and November 9, according to the Met Office.

UK forecast for next 5 days

This Evening and Tonight

Rainstorms, sometimes heavy, are moving southwards across Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Most of the day is dry, except for the east and south. There are variable amounts cloud in the east. Some drizzle can be seen in the west.

It is windy and very mild.


More rain is expected to continue, with heavy hills in northern England, southern Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The south and east are mostly dry.

It’s very windy and mild.

Outlook from Thursday to Saturday

The west is still experiencing heavy rains and thunderstorms.

The southeast initially has some of the drier, brighter, and milder conditions but it is now becoming colder.