Ukraine declares that the ‘Battle of Donbass’ has begun in a new Russian offense


According to the Ukrainian president, Russian forces have launched a major offensive in the east of Ukraine. This is as the war enters a new phase.

All across the country, troop movements and missile explosions were visible Donbas On Monday, Vladimir Putin withdrew Russian troops from the Kyiv region to concentrate on capturing land close to the Russian border.

Volodymr Zilenskyy described the process as the beginning. “Battle of Donbas”He said that the Ukrainian army was expecting the latest attack.

Striking a defiant tone in the rousing speech, the actor-turned-President claimed he was confident his army could repel the invaders.

The President said the 'battle of Donbas has begun' after Russian forces unleashed rocket strikes on Monday
After Russian forces launched rocket attacks on Monday, the President stated that the ‘battle to Donbas’ had begun

In a video address, he said: “We can now say that Russian forces have started the battle of the Donbas, for which they have long prepared.

“We will not be intimidated by the Russian soldiers who are being sent there. We will defend ourselves. It is something we will do every day. We will not give up anything Ukrainian, and we do not need what’s not ours.”

Ukraine Security Council Secretary Oleksiy Danilov meanwhile described the movement of the Russian troops, saying: “They attempted to begin the active phase this morning.

Zelenskyy said his forces were 'prepared' and would not 'give up' any territory to Putin's men
Zelenskyy claimed that his forces were ready and would not ‘give away’ any territory to Putin’s men.

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“This morning, along almost the entire front line of the (eastern) Donetsk, Luhansk and Kharkiv regions, the occupiers attempted to break through our defences”

A post by the Ukrainian Armed Forces Command on Facebook stated that Russia’s main military forces were focusing on taking control of the entire Donbas, a region that includes the contested territories Donetsk & Luhansk.

Andriy Ermak, chief of staff to the Ukrainian president, asked his countrymen for their opinions. “believe”In theAssist the army “it is very strong”.

According to military analysts, the new fighting will likely cause heavy losses to both sides. Russians are expected to try to surround Ukrainian fighters who have defended the area under attack.