Ukraine-Russia: UK should establish no fly zone according to 60% of Mirror readers – World News


Ukraine has requested a no-fly zone. President Zelensky stated that the UK should support efforts against Russia. But, experts are concerned the move would lead to a “third world war”

The UK should implement a no fly zone over Ukraine, according to the majority of Mirror readers.

In a recent survey of 1,199 respondents – 61 percent supported Zelensky’s plea to close the skies for Russian missiles and aircrafts. A fair 33 percent of voters opposed the move – while seven percent of readers weren’t sure.

The UK government has defended its decision to not enforce a no fly zone, with some experts warning the move could lead to “world war three”.

Cabinet minister Ben Wallace said Britain has been at the forefront of trying to get Ukraine into NATO, which needs all 30 nations’ support.

He added: “I’m afraid I’m not going to sit here and say I’m going to put at risk the rest of Europe by triggering a major, potentially, war across the whole continent.

“People who suggest a no fly zone should be really clear what they’re trying to achieve and how it will be enforced. Because I don’t see them actually coming up with any logical details behind it…

“It will favor the force with the huge armed forces, Russia, as they will be able continue regardless”.

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Earlier this month Ukrainian journalist Daria Kaleniuk confronted Boris Johnson at a press conference in tears, pointing out the Prime Minister had visited Poland and not Kyiv.

“Because you are afraid,”She spoke. “Because NATO is not willing to defend. Because NATO is afraid of World War 3 – but it has already started.”

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