Ukraine “strikes at Russian border first time”


A huge explosion occurred at a Russian military camp across the border on Tuesday night.

Two local Russian news outlets have captured footage that appears to show huge fireballs from ammunition exploding at a temporary army base in the vicinity. Russia: Belgorod

According to a source, a weapon was fired from Ukraine’s side by a Russian Tass news agency. The source also cited an emergency service source who stated that four people were injured in the explosion.

If true, this would mark the first time since the outbreak the conflict that the Ukrainian military had hit Vladimir Putin’s border personnel.

A huge explosion near Belgorod in Russia on Tuesday could have been a Ukrainian strike, according to two sources
According to two sources, a huge explosion that occurred near Belgorod in Russia Tuesday may have been a Ukrainian strike.

Vyacheslav Gladkov (Belgorod governor) wrote that he discussed the blasts in Telegram’s Tuesday evening post: “Now explosions are heard on the territory of Belgorod and the Belgorod region. The incident occurred near the village of Krasny Oktyabr.

“The village head is currently on the scene. He is now in direct contact. He quickly gives me all the details. The residents aren’t hurt or have been victimized.

The attack could be Ukraine's first strike on Putin's side of the border
This attack could be Ukraine’s first on Putin’s side at the border

“The head of the village is now in place. Direct contact with me Quickly gives me all the details. The residents are safe. The village’s territory is unaffected by any destruction.”

Krasny Oktyabr is located about 19 miles southwest of Belgorod.

Belgorod itself is about 50 miles north of Kharkiv in Ukraine, which has been under heavy shelling from Russian forces for several weeks.

Belgorod itself is about 50 miles north of Kharkiv in Ukraine, which has been under Russian shellfire
Belgorod, Ukraine’s northernmost city, is approximately 50 miles from Kharkiv.

Ukrainian forces claimed to have liberated Irpin, a city that had been under siege by airstrikes, on Tuesday.

Irpin’s mayor Oleksandr Markushyn announced the news on his Twitter account, and promised that any Russian attempts to retake the strategically important city would be repelled.

He stated: “We have good news today, Irpin has been liberated. We understand that there will be more attacks on our city and we will defend it courageously.”

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