Ukraine’s Troops Make Trench Candles from Kids


This school offers arts and crafts for soldiers in war zones.

In Lviv, Ukraine, grade-school children are making candles that the country’s fighters can use during their time on the battlefield. They’re using old jars and cans, stuffing them with rolls of cardboard and sealing them with paraffin wax. These candles can also be used to heat food or water, and provide light in trenches.

With winter fast approaching and no signs of this war stopping, the candles will be appreciated by those who receive them.

Since Russia invaded its neighbor in February 2022, over 6,600 Ukrainian civilians have lost their lives, and over 10,000 have been injured.  

You can see the toll of war everywhere, such as in Kherson where heavy shelling set fires that lit up the night sky.

While no one knows when the hostilities are ending, there will be holiday celebrations filled with hopes for peace and a future where the kids can continue making macaroni card.

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