Ukraine’s Zelenskyy Bravely Reveals He’s Still in Presidential Palace, Not in Hiding


In a new video, President Zelenskyy mocks the Russians and even discloses his exact location.

He pointed the camera at a window to show he’s still inside the presidential palace in Kyiv and cracked a joke as the camera walked through the corridors.

“We used to say, ‘Monday is a hard day.’ There’s a war, so every day is Monday,”The leader of Ukraine said.

This is a stark contrast to Vladimir Putin, who is said be isolated and obsessed about his personal safety.

Admiration for Zelenskyy’s courage and rawness is spreading around the globe. After addressing British lawmakers via video, Zelenskyy received a standing ovation from a packed British Parliament.

Zelenskyy, who rose to fame as a comedian, is now being compared to a great wartime leader from another era — Winston Churchill. Time Magazine claims it’s like Charlie Chaplin became Churchill.

The suffering in Ukraine is growing. Video footage shows a drone attacking the long Russian convoy just outside Kyiv. 

21 people were killed by a bombing two hundred miles away, in Sumy. You can still hear the sound of gun battles in the empty streets.

Although food is scarce, the punishment for looting can be severe. One man was stripped, and taped to an utility pole.
Women wearing combat gear and carrying assault rifles are vowing that they will fight until the very end.