Ukrainian bees cause death and injury to Russian soldiers


Three Russian soldiers were killed in a freak bee attack, and 25 others are still in critical condition.

Kherson News reports that a bicycle of mini-beasts in black and yellow joined the fight to defend Ukraine from invaders.

The tiny but powerful bee battalion fled their hive in the Oleshkovsky region’s village of Chelburda and walked into a camp full of Russian soldiers, who they apparently turned on because of a lack of food.

This is the second instance of Russian soldiers being harmed by nature’s interference in Ukraine. Previously, a pair wild geese had been blamed for sending an army aircraft plummeting into the ground and into a swamp.

To kill a person, multiple bee stings are usually required

Although it is not known which species of bee was responsible for the attack, the most dangerous bees in the world are rarely found in Europe.

These so-called “killer bees”, also known as Africanised honeybees, will infect a target with their venom and swarm them.

This deadly insect is known for its ability to attack in the most horrific ways, including filling the victim’s ears, nostrils, and mouth.

To escape the stinger assault, a person would need to run several hundred yards.

Russian soldiers
According to reports, 25 Russian soldiers were rushed to hospital in an attempt to treat bee stings.

800,000.00 bees were implicated in the October 2014 death of a man 32 years old in Arizona after he suffered a fatal heart attack.

Vladimir Putin thought that the war with Ukraine was over quickly after he directed one of the world’s most powerful militaries to subdue their smaller neighbor to the south.

But, a series miscalculations, huge gaffes, and staunch Ukrainian resistance have seen the conflict continue for more than a month.

An American official claimed Tuesday that Putin’s forces had been expelled. “taking incredible losses,”This puts the total at more than 10,000 troops, with many of the surviving soldiers surviving on out-of date field rations or dog meat.

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Reports have surfaced that Russian soldiers were forced to eat dogs and that abandoned soldiers’ remains were eaten by dogs.

One of the most prominent Russians sanctioned by Britain is Colonel-General Mikhail Mizintsev, the “Butcher of Mariupol”.

The brutal, bloodthirsty brute was added to the extended hit list by Liz Truss, UK Foreign Secretary, for economic punishment in response to the war against Ukraine.

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