Ukrainian Boy Requests Peace for Christmas, in a Letter to Santa Claus


He’s making his list and checking it twice. Santa is busy, so he’s in the home stretch for the busiest season of the year. Meanwhile, his Finnish elves are going through every letter that comes in to their workshop. They found one letter particularly poignant.

It was a letter from Petro, a boy that wanted Santa to know about Petro’s address change. Petro, who lives in Ukraine, was evacuated from his Kyiv house because of the conflict. He requested that peace be made this Christmas.

“My name is Petro, and I have a sister. Her name is Stefania. I am six years old, and my sister is two and a half. We used to live in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. But now because of war, we live in western Ukraine,”The boy wrote.

“It seems that there is a lot of worry about their country. These letters show that there is always some hope. So, even people who have to move from their houses and their homes, they’re still hoping for the better future, as we all do for Ukraine,” the letter continued.

Petro, just like many Ukrainian children who were forced to flee war-torn Ukraine, still dreams of a Merry Christmas.


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