Ukrainian Brewery Changes to Molotov Cocktail Factory As Russian Invasion Intensifies


Ukraine is still fighting. In some cities, Russian shelling has been going on for over 24 hours.

New footage shows tanks entering Kherson (the first Russian-seized city). The mayor of the town told 300,000 residents that they would comply.

The bombardment of Kyiv, capital of Ukraine, continued over night.

CBS News correspondent Charlie D’Agata was stunned by a massive attack as he wrapped up a live report. As he flew for cover, another flash illuminated the sky.

One suburb of Kyiv was left to rubble in the wake.

Today, the city of Kharkiv was also attacked. One missile strike was captured on dashcam footage. 

The Ukrainians are standing firm. A brewery has been transformed into a Molotov cocktail production plant. To slow down invaders, they’re also creating spike strips.

Drone video captures the rubble of Russian military vehicles from a firefight. 

There are still many questions surrounding the convoy that traveled 40 miles from Kyiv. It’s believed they have experienced logistics and sustainment challenges.

The world heard President Volodymyr Zeleskyy speak on live TV. “I am so confident with our military, our people defending our state, because our state is very special.”

However, military experts warn that Putin with his vast military arsenal has the upper hand.

“Losing captured soldiers is not stopping the Russians from advancing,”Inside Edition heard from Bill Roggio. 

Thousands of Ukrainians seek shelter underground at metro stations, while others are fleeing to safety.

One million people, mostly women and children have fled the country since then.

“A lot of these women have left their husbands, they’ve left their fathers, they’ve left their families behind,” CBS correspondent Christina Ruffini said. “They don’t know where they’re gonna go. It’s incredibly, incredibly stressful.”

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