Ukrainian Immigrant Harassed With Hate Mail, Threats because His California Business has ‘Russian” in Its Name


The global impact of the Russian invasion in Ukraine is felt all over the world. Due to their branding association with Russia, some American businesses are experiencing backlash.

Small business owner Daniel Lerman, who is from Ukraine, told KCBS he’s been getting hate voicemails and texts focused on his California-based business since the start of the invasion.

“The name of the business is Russian Universal Business. Because of the name, a lot of people are sending us a lot of threats,”Lerman stated. “I am personally from Ukraine.” 

He is even sponsoring a Ukrainian family fleeing the violence.

“They’re friends of the friends but they have nowhere to go,”He stated. “They have no place to be and I welcome to my house.”

But those calling and texting apparently are unaware, and Lerman wants to avoid Russophobia, so he’s spending thousands of dollars to rebrand his Southern California notary company, including buying all new business cards and a new website.

“Because of the constant threats, we are forced to change the name of the business to Document USA,”He stated. 

Lerman isn’t the only one who’s facing this issue. Businesses may need to change their names as a result of the Russian invasion. “Russian”Their brand.