Ukrainian jets strike Russian positions in the Black Sea


The Ukrainian Air Force “is still alive”After launching an attack on Russian facilities at Snake Island in Black Sea, the attack was caught on film.

According to the Ukraine Weapons Tracker (Ukraine Weapons Tracker), two fighter jets struck during a daring raid upon the strategic land mass, Zmiinyi Island. It is located approximately 80 miles south-east of Odessa.

It tweeted: “The Ukrainian Air force is still alive- seen here are two Ukrainian Su-27 striking Russian facilities on the famous Snake Island in the Black Sea, in remarkable footage filmed by a TB-2 drone. As we can observe, there is serious damage.”

An aerial shot of the attack
With their attack on Snake Island, Ukraine is intensifying its air offensive

This raid is a significant escalation in Ukraine’s air campaign to defeat Russian targets on the territory.

According to reports, Ukrainian-armed drones have been attacking the island for at most a week. They destroyed defence systems and at least two patrol boats.

This could have opened the way for twin-engine, supersonic Su-27s (or before) yesterday (Saturday), which is thought to have caused significant damage. A Ukrainian anti-ship missile batteries is believed to have sunk the Russian Black Sea flagship battlecruiser Moskva, three weeks ago.

The destruction caused by Ukrainian fighters is said to be significant
Footage shows a huge explosion in Russian positions on Snake Island

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Russia was preparing for its May 9 Victory Day celebrations marking the end to the Second World War. Russian President Vladimir Putin is trying to seize territory from the east, and wants to make an announcement on the progress made in Ukraine’s war.

Russia was however hit hard by Western sanctions and the stiff resistance of Ukrainian forces.

Russia showed its nuclear strength on Saturday, May 7, when thermonuclear rockets were rolled through Moscow’s Red Square as a practice for the annual Victory Day parade scheduled to take place Monday, May 9.

Putin used the Russian public holiday commemorating the country’s victory in Nazi Germany and the end to WW2 in Europe as a way to warn the West.

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