Ukrainian Officials Request U.S. Officials to Not Share Photos of Zoom With Zelenskyy. Two Senators Accept It Instead


According to U.S. officials, they are considering a deal in which Poland would send Soviet-era aircrafts from Ukraine in exchange for American F-16 fighter jets.

According to The Wall Street Journal, this would be one of the latest efforts to help Ukraine against Russia’s invasion. According to U.S. officials, Saturday’s agreement would require both congressional approval and White House approval.

This follows a desperate plea by Volodymyr Zelenskyy (Ukraine’s President) for assistance from the U.S. officials in obtaining additional weapons, military aid, and Russian-made aircraft fighters. Ukraine continues to be outgunned against Russia. Zelenskyy also demanded a ban on U.S. oil imports from Russia.

It occurred during a call Zelenskyy had with over 200 House and Senate lawmakers Saturday morning. NBC News reports that two Republican senators are now facing uproar over sharing pictures of that video call over social media – when Zelenskyy and other Ukrainian officials specifically told them not to do so while the meeting was in progress.

Senators Marco Rubio from Florida and Steve Daines from Montana posted photos of the Zoom call meeting. They revealed that they were there with Zelenskyy. 

Both senators made separate statements to defend their decision not to share the photos, saying that they did not share any identifying information.