Ukrainian Women flee war among those killed in a German train crash


Two Ukrainian women, who fled their country in March during the conflict in Ukraine, were killed in an accident on a train in Germany. New York Post reported.

After a train derailment, wreckage in Germany. – Getty Images

According to New York Post, the train headed for Munich was derailled in Burgrain at 12:15 on Friday.

A son of one of the refugees killed is said to be in the hospital with serious injuries, German newspaper BILD reported.

Germany: Wreckage from a train crash. – Getty Images

“At the moment we do not believe there were further victims, but I cannot yet say for sure,”Frank Hellwig, regional deputy chief police chief, spoke to reporters.

The train was carrying 140 passengers at the time. Investigators are still investigating the cause of the train’s derailment and toppling over. Silver Screen Beats reported.

According to the New York Post, authorities have apparently ruled out any collision with another train or vehicle.

Christian Bernreiter, Bavaria’s transport minister, said in a statement to the press, “On site, all the experts were of the opinion that the most likely cause should be a technical defect on the track or on the train.”

Authorities have moved the train using cranes to clear the area.

Germany’s authorities rescue a train that was carrying a crane. – Getty Images


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