Ultramarathoner claims he was in shock after the Coyote Attack


After being attacked by a coyote during an ultramarathon in California, a Californian man has spoken out. 

Dean Karnazes was running a 150-mile trail in Marin County when the coyote attacked him. He was able to finish the run after the attack but his face was bloodied.

“I heard some footsteps coming up behind me, and I thought, ‘Oh there’s a dog maybe coming up behind me.’ And I swung around to look, and a coyote hit me from behind. It happened really quickly and left me in a state of shock, I think,”Inside Edition: Karnazes 

He said that he was able to fight off the coyote by using poles that he runs with to provide stability during ultramarathons. These can take up to 30 hour to complete.

“I hit it on the side, because I was carrying my poles like this, so it was pretty convenient to just whack it,”Karnazes claimed.

Experts believe that coyotes attack more often in densely populated areas because too many people feed wild animals. Coyotes have lost their fear of humans as a result.

“When we start feeding animals, they become habituated and it creates problems. Once animals become reliant and dependent on human beings as a food source, especially previously wild animals, they begin to push those boundaries to get more and more food and get closer and closer,”Forrest Galante, wildlife biologist, said.

Karnazes believes that the coyote attacked Karnazes for wanting the granola bar he was enjoying.