Ultrasounds show that Fetuses smile for carrots but frown at Kale


A Research lab based out of a university in England has discovered fetuses appear to not mind eating their vegetables— so long as that vegetable isn’t kale. 

Durham University’s Fetal Neonatal Research Lab in northeast England recently published their researchThis is the first sign that fetuses are able to respond to smells and tastes in the womb. 

Researchers gave 100 pregnant women a carrot or Kale capsule to test their reactions. They then performed a 4K ultrasound on the women to check the development of their fetuses. 

Researchers observed that certain muscle movements correlate with either one of these two conditions. “laughter-face”Or, “cry-face” response. 

The majority of the fetuses laughed when the carrot capsule was handed to their mother. Most fetuses also expressed laughter when their mother gave them the carrot capsule. “cry-face” similar to a grimace when their mother received the kale.

A fetus can taste the flavor of a capsule through the mother’s amniotic fluid when it is swallowed or inhaled, officials said.

According to researchers, their findings could have an impact on future healthy eating habits and food preferences. 

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