Una Healy, Saturdays’s female reporter, splits with her boyfriend cop


Una Healy, Saturdays’ singer, is said to be going solo after breaking up with her boyfriend and secret policeman.

Healy first began to date the Dublin-based officer in late last year. He kept his identity secret during their six month relationship.

The 40-year old, who was a star in the group of five girls, isn’t dwelling on the split amid claims that she is busy raising her two children.

A source said: “She isn’t dwelling on it. She’s feeling great and embracing the single life. Una is very busy at work with her two children.

Una started dating the policeman at the end of last year and kept his identity a mystery during their relationship
Una began dating the policeman towards the end of last fiscal year. He remained anonymous throughout their relationship.

All Fired Up’s singer was previously married to Ben Foden, a rugby player. They divorced in 2018.

The couple share parental responsibility for their two children, Aoife (age nine) and Tadhg (age seven).

The Limerick hurler David Breen was her next boyfriend for 18 months. She split with him in 2020.

After 13 years living in England, Una has returned to Ireland in 2020 and is now a regular TV presenter. She continues to produce solo music.

Una returned to Ireland in 2020 after 13 years in England and has become a regular television presenter there
After 13 years living in England, Una has returned to Ireland and is now a regular TV presenter.

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Silver Screen Beat told her last year how she was drawn to dating apps.

She said: “I wouldn’t say I wouldn’t date a celebrity or someone in a normal job, or whatever normal is. What I do is what is normal to me.

“As long as they’re a nice person, that’s all I’m looking for — a decent, kind, caring and hardworking person. It doesn’t matter what they do.”

She added: “I know a couple of people who have been on the apps and they’ve been messaged and told me, ‘A catfish is on, pretending to be you’, and it’s like, ‘That is me’.”