Undeclared Allergens Cause Another Chocolate Bar Recall


There was a recall this week for dark chocolate bars made by Groove Chocolate and Daniel Chocolates. Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). Announced the recall of affected products on July 28 due to the possibility of unlabeled milk being present.

Daniel Chocolates, 66% Cocoa Dark Chocolate 85g with the UPC 64059002624; Groove Chocolate Dark Chocolate 66% 85g with the UPC 607987458800; Groove Chocolate Dark Chocolate 66% 85g with the UPC 6579877458800; Groove Chocolate Dark Chocolate 66% With Sea Salt 85g with the UPC 627987458824.

Recalled products were sold online, in other provinces, territories, and in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Manitoba, and Ontario. CFIA testing results were used to trigger the recall. There have been no adverse reactions reported.

According to Mayo ClinicMilk allergy symptoms can be mild to severe. They include wheezing and vomiting, hives, and digestive issues. An allergic reaction to milk can cause anaphylaxis which can lead to death.

The agency says it is currently conducting a food safety inspection that could lead to further recalls. CFIA also ensures that recall products are removed from market.

CFIA also advises against the use, sale, or distribution of the products. They should be thrown away or returned to their original location. CFIA can reached at 1-613-723-3342 (local or international) and toll-free at 1-800-442-2342 in Canada and the U.S. The agency’s email contact is information@inspection.gc.ca.

Recently, chocolate bars were recalled in the U.S. due to a completely different reason. Due to potential salmonella contamination, Strauss Israel voluntarily recalled its Elite-brand chocolate items in April. These items were sold to U.S. customers through Amazon and other retailers. After discovering salmonella, an Israeli confectionery factory recalled these products.