Unexploded artillery shells from family bring terror bomb alert to airport – World News


Passengers fled panicked at Ben Gurion International Airport (Tel Aviv), Israel when security personnel saw the rusty shell from the US family.

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Fears of bomb after tourists show staff at airport unexploded shell

An Israeli family tried to bring back an unexploded shell of artillery from their trip and set off terror.

When the American family presented the rusty part to security personnel using luggage scanners, panicked passengers fled Ben Gurion International Airport.

This shocking revelation prompted an emergency evacuation of the terminal. Hundreds of distraught travellers fled.

According to the Israeli Airports Authority, the family had previously visited the Israeli-administrated Golan Heights region. One of the children saw the rusty shell fragment.

The couple apparently kept the item as a souvenir, and they packed it in their baggage when they returned to the airport on April 28th.

According to the Airports Authority: “When they arrived to check their luggage, they showed the piece of the shell to security.

“It was only a small piece of a shell so the evacuation was announced.”

Despite the announcement imploring people to evacuate the area “Slowly”, panic swiftly overtook passengers in the departure terminal.

Israel is still reeling from a series of terror attacks that killed 14 across the country.

The footage shows passengers running, shouting, cowering on the floor and clambering under tables.

One Israeli man, aged 32, had to be taken to hospital for treatment after he climbed onto a baggage conveyor belt and took a tumble.

He later told local media: “There was much shouting. I felt like I had to run for the sake of my life.”

Passengers returned to the terminal after security staff determined there was no danger.

The family was also permitted to board their flight to America following a brief investigation – but they had to leave the shell behind.