University of Idaho Murders – Victim said she spoke to a stalker months ago, and the killer passed Survivors’ Room.


The 911 call that started the investigation into the attack on the home of University of Idaho students did not come from either of the two roommates.

Mark Fuhrman was a former LAPD detective and is best known for his investigation of the 1994 murders in O.J. Simpson of Nicole Brown Simpson. Simpson murder case. Fuhrman is now in Idaho. He claims Kaylee Goncalves (along with Madison Mogen Ethan Chapin, Xana Kernodle and Ethan Chapin) was brutally stabbed and killed Sunday by a stalker.

“I talked to one student, and I agree it was twice removed from the person that said it, Kaylee, but Kaylee two months ago complained about a stalker,”Fox News Friday interviewed him.

The attacker apparently escaped the bedroom of the two young ladies who lived in the house with six bedrooms and three bathrooms. They were not attacked.

“Their story was, they heard partying, they heard noise, but they just, as usual, said, there’s partying going on and they locked the door,”Fuhrman stated. Fuhrman stated that the two roommates who weren’t hurt in the attack were not suspects. They have been cooperating with investigators.

The autopsies of the four victims revealed that they had each been repeatedly stabbed, and some had defensive wounds which showed they fought the attacker. There was also no evidence of sexual assault. Cathy Mabbut, County Coroner, described the murders as “personal”Moreover, the victims were found in their own beds.

Kernodle’s father said her wounds showed she fought for her life.

“She had bruises caused by the knife or whatever. She’s a tough kid,”He said. “Whatever she wanted to do, she could do it.”

Retired detective Phil Waters, who had a 96% clearance rate on homicide cases when he was with the Houston Police Department, noted that the type of weapon believed to be used in the killings—a long steel blade, part of which is serrated—would have prevented the victims from making any significant amount of noise. The weapon used in the murders has not yet been discovered.

“If this person, and it appears to be they are, proficient with an edged weapon, the deaths would have occurred so quickly, that there would have been no opportunity for them to cry out,” Waters said.

The loved ones of victims’ relatives expressed anger at the inability to get more information publicly as the investigation continues.

“The lack of information, statements from left field and lack of outreach to the public to gain information has made this even more painful,” Madison Mogen’s aunt says.

Mogen planned to spend Thanksgiving in the company of Jake Schriger, her boyfriend. According to his mother “His world has been turned upside down.”

Many of the students at Moscow’s small college have now left the campus in search of answers and returned to their homes. “They keep saying it’s an isolated incident, but if we don’t have any idea who it is, we don’t know who to look out for,”Abigail Spencer is the news editor at campus newspaper Inside Edition. “No one knows how to keep their friends or their family safe.”


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