Unreleased song from 1968 featuring Beatles Ringo Starr & George Harrison.


Unreleased Beatles Ringo Starr on drums, George Harrison on guitar, and vocals were found in a Birmingham home during the coronavirus lockdown. BBC reported.

The song “Radhe Shaam,” was written and produced by broadcaster Suresh Joshi in 1968 for a documentary called “East Meets West,” The Guardian reported.

BBC reported that the tune was discovered by Joshi’s friend at his Birmingham home, who was monitoring him during lockdown.

“It was lost and found many times… suddenly the lockdown was a blessing in disguise,”He spoke to BBC. “We didn’t have the chance to release it.”

Joshi was recording inside London’s Trident Studios where the two Beatles happened to be recording their soon-to-be massive hit “Hey Jude,” CNN reported.

Joshi said that Harrison visited his studio to chat with him. “we started talking about philosophy in general.”

Joshi said Harrison was alluding to the tensions within the Fab Four, saying, “he said he was the ‘underdog.’ He said he had lost his confidence.”

Two years after “Radhe Shaam” was recorded, the Beatles broke up following the release of “Let It Be.”

“Radhe Shaam” will now be released, with all proceeds going to charity, CNN reported.

“It’s up to the humanity to do that, George.” Joshi said. “It’s a great book that I hope fans love.

In the Peter Jackson documentary, the Beatles’ final years and days will be documented. “Get Back” for Disney+.

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