Unreliable Source: Lori Loughlin Refuses To Return To Hallmark after Prison Stint


It is Lori Loughlin After her involvement in the scandal surrounding college admissions, is she now turning her back to Hallmark? According to one tabloid, the actress is not interested in having anything to do with her old network. Let’s take a closer look at the claims.

‘Bitter’Lori Loughlin Feels ‘Betrayed’?

The most recent edition of National Enquirer Lori Loughlin, according to reports, has decided to stop working with Hallmark. Hallmark quickly fired Lori Loughlin after she was accused of participating in the scandal surrounding college admissions that rocked Hollywood in 2019. When the Heart is Calling.

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Sources say Loughlin is refusing to work with her old network now that she has completed her sentence. “Lori thinks the network threw her under the bus when she was in trouble, and while she still cares for her co-stars, she will do nothing to help the folks she thinks let her down,”Insider charges

Is Lori Loughlin’s Snubbing Hallmark?

This tabloid is a complete rewrite of the whole story. It’s true Hallmark dropped Loughlin as soon as she was arrested. However, we know that Hallmark still wants nothing to do Loughlin. When Loughlin was released from prison, it’s clear that she was interested in reprising her role in When the Heart is Calling. Hallmark didn’t intend to revive the show, according to reports. That’s when GAC Family greenlit a spinoff of the show titled Hope callsLoughlin was welcomed to the show as a star in a Christmas Special.

Hallmark was able to capture the network jump, even though it could have been hidden from the public eye. Clarified the Loughlin situation. “Hallmark Channel has not cast Lori Loughlin in any current projects, including When Calls the Heart, nor do we have any plans to cast her in the future. She was cast by GAC Family, a wholly separate cable network not affiliated with Hallmark Channel or Crown Media Family Networks,”A representative of the network spoke at the time.

So, it doesn’t seem like Loughlin has any authority to turn Hallmark down. If Hallmark were to do a 360 and offer Loughlin a position, we wouldn’t be surprised if she turned it down considering the lengths the network took to distance itself from her. This contentious relationship is not one-sided.

The Tabloid on Lori Loughlin

We know better than not to trust the National Enquirer Loughlin can be found everywhere. The outlet reported that Loughlin tried to invent organ failure to escape prison after her arrest in 2019. Then the magazine claimed Loughlin’s husband Mossimo Giannulli was “wasting away”In prison. The publication also attempted to invent a feud among Felicity Huffman (Loughlin) most recently. The Evidently, the Get in touch isn’t reliable when it comes to Loughlin and her family.