‘Unusually tight-lipped’ palace ‘not offering facts about Queen’s health’ warns expert


Royal experts have hit out at Buckingham Palace for reportedly staying “painfully quiet” about the Queen’s health.

Her Majesty, 95, was forced to miss Sunday’s Armistice Day event, for the first time in 12 years, due to a “back issue”.

But it added to the mystery surrounding her recent health issues after doctors ordered her to take a break from royal duties last month.

And now, royal expert Daniela Elser, writing for News.com.au has questioned whether or not the Palace is “preparing us for something”.

She wrote: “Is all this talk of ‘none of us living forever’ an indication that sombre and historic events could be just around the corner?

The Queen has been cutting back on her royal duties recently
The Queen has been cutting back on her royal duties recently

“That whatever is troubling the Queen is more serious than anyone is letting on?

“When it was announced last week that the Queen would skip the Synod, no reason was given beyond a bromidic statement that said in part, ‘Mindful of her doctors’ recent advice, the Queen has decided not to attend’.

“Similarly, no details have come to light about why the nonagenarian was secretly hospitalised last month for the first time in eight years – and on that previous occasion it had only been for gastroenteritis, a fact the palace clearly made plain.

The Queen was first advised to rest by doctors last month
The Queen was first advised to rest by doctors last month

“On October 20, with the Royal Standard still flying over Windsor, the press had been led to believe that she was safely tucked up in the Castle, with a warm cup of Horlicks and a Black Beauty re-run to enjoy, as she got some much-needed rest.

“In fact, she was actually nearly 40km away in a Marylebone hospital.”

The news then broke that the monarch spent a night in hospital and was not at Windsor as the initial statement had reported.

Ms Elser added: “Unlike previous bouts of ill health, when some brief details have been provided to explain things, this time around Buckingham Palace has remained unusually tight-lipped only offering up the most oblique of official comments and not a single hard fact about what is going on.”

She hasn't been seen out for a while
She hasn’t been seen out for a while

Earlier this week, The Queen alleviated her own son, Prince Charles’ worries about her, as he was given royal approval to fly to Jordan for a Middle East royal visit.

Her Majesty has been making headlines after a spate of missed and cancelled appearances due to health problems.

Recently she has backed out of trips to Northern Ireland, COP26 in Glasgow, and the Remembrance Sunday service at The Cenotaph.

The Queen was expected at the Cenotaph as late as two hours before the service began, with Buckingham Palace saying she was backing out “with great regret”.

In October it was announced she would be taking some time off from major royal responsibilities to rest, in what has become one of her longest periods out of the public eye since her reign began in 1953.

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