Unverified Report Claims Kamala Harris’ Marriage Allegedly In ‘Crisis’Husband and wife sleeping in ‘Separate Bedrooms’


Is Vice President Kamala Harris’Marriage “crisis”? A tabloid recently claimed Harris’ relationship with her husband, Doug Emhoff is under new scrutiny from friends of the couple who believe they’re seeing cracks in their relationship in private. Gossip CopInvestigates the latest President Rumor Joe Biden’sVice president 

Kamala Harris, Doug Emhoff’s Marriage Crisis?

The cover of this week’s issue of StarProclames “VP Kamala’s Marriage Crisis!” in huge block letters. Below the headline lies a subheader declaring that is equally shocking. “Separate Bedrooms & No Wedding Rings!”Here are a few bulleted points. “‘Big problems’ started 6 months ago”And “The truth about Kamala’s AFFAIR!” 

These exclamations might lead readers to believe that Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States, has had an affair recently or that Doug Emhoff and she have moved into separate bedrooms. However, the tabloid quickly discredits these outrageous claims in the article. 

The article simply states that the friends of the couple are allegedly keeping a close eye on the two to make sure they don’t sleep in separate bedrooms or remove their wedding rings. That’s what every married couple desires: their friends keeping a close watch on where they sleep at night. 

Emhoff ‘Left Alone’Harris Late Nights

The article’s source details all the difficulties and struggles Harris has faced since becoming vice president. Harris has been busy with her new job. One source explains. “They are a team, but she has to be away from him at times.”Emhoff is working late in Harris’ office, or at the White House. “is left alone.” 

The couple has been successful. “gotten so bad,” the tabloid insists, it’s driving their marriage into a crisis. “There’s a lot of stress in Kamala’s work — she logs long hours seven days a week, plus she’s scrutinized daily for every single thing she does or doesn’t do. That’s got to have an effect on her relationship,”The source does not stop. 

We were intrigued by the last sentence. The tipster is merely speculating Harris’ long hours and tough work might have an effect on her relationship rather than providing any specific information. That clues us in to the fact that this source isn’t as close to the couple as both the tabloid and the source wants us to believe. 

The Major Differences in Personality

Regardless, the tattler keeps on, describing the United States’ first Second Gentleman as “a romantic”When you say, “Kamala can be tough. She’s assertive and unsentimental.”The public may not see the couple as perfect, but they do appear to prefer to be the perfect couple. “keen-eyed friends” can’t help but see the cracks in their foundation. 

The tattler snitches “In social situations, a flicker of annoyance might appear on Kamala’s face when Doug interjects the conversation with a comment he meant to be humorous because she’s so serious.”Harris is a complete workaholic who has to leave her husband alone at home and completely unhilarious. We’re beginning to see where the article is trying to go, but let’s read on for even more details into this alleged marital “crisis.” 

The source has supposedly talked with friends of the couple, meaning all the information they’ve provided the tabloid with is second-hand at best, though it’s more likely just completely made up. According to the source, those friends claim that tensions between Harris and Harris have increased over the past six months because of criticisms she has received from her job. 

Harris and Emhoff may have had a few, but they are not the only ones. “blowout” arguments, more often they’ll “disagree and have serious discussions about issues.”It sounds mature and respectful to discuss marital disagreements. Star apparently doesn’t think so. Emhoff also says that Emhoff doesn’t believe so. “said to be sick of the fighting,”The tabloid also adds. 

How to Stop Arguments

“He would rather they both save their energy to go to bat for justice and racial equality,”The tipster is honest. That’s certainly an interesting way to wriggle your way out of an argument. “Sorry, honey, I know I was supposed to do the dishes tonight. Instead of fighting about household chores, though, how about we discuss ways to close the racial wealth gap?” That’s probably the biggest lie in this entire article. This tabloid is trying to convince us that two former lawyers would rather avoid arguments by…what? Talking “justice and racial equality”? Ridiculous. 

As for the talk about Kamala Harris’ “affair,”It was not possible. The tabloid just wanted to bring up Harris’ previous relationship with former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown, who was still legally married — but separated from — his spouse while he dated Harris. 

At the end of the article, the tabloid undoes all of its hard work to insinuate that there are serious problems in Harris and Emhoff’s marriage with a single quote from their wishy-washy source. “He doesn’t tell her what to do or push advice on her, and at the end of the day she respects him and appreciates having him close. Doug has a way of lightening things up even in the worst of times, and that makes him the perfect match for Kamala.” So…what exactly is the problem here? Kamala Harris is a long-working woman, and Doug Emhoff is supportive. 

Sometimes when we read the tabloids, we feel as if we’ve time traveled years into the past where it’s apparently still shocking that a woman works outside the house. For the entirety of United States history, we’ve had male vice presidents. We don’t recall reading breathless rumors about marital strife due to those husbands’ long hours. Harris is a woman, so it’s not surprising that the outlet enjoyed speculating on her personal life. We can guess, but we’ll never know for sure.

This article starts with lies designed to trick readers into purchasing the magazine. Then, it provides second- or third-hand testimony in form of almost certainly made-up evidence. “insider.” There’s nothing reputable about StarThis is lower than their usual fare.

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