Uri Geller claims aliens will eliminate disease and extend human life to 220 years.


Aliens will teach humanity how to communicate with aliens “eradicate all diseases”Uri Geller says that it would boost the average life expectancy to 220 years.

According to the spoon-bending legend, he was certain that anyone born today will meet extraterrestrials within their lifetime.

He predicted that the visitors from outerspace would not be hostile but instead, they would unlock mysteries about seemingly incurable disease and help everyone live longer.

Uri, 75, tweeted: “My dear friends a baby born today in his/her life time they will meet aliens who will teach us how to eradicate all diseases.

“Life span of humans will climb to 220 years average.”

An alien holding the Earth
Uri Geller suggests that aliens may hold the key for extending human life span.

NASA was warned by a paranormal specialist last week, whose abilities were verified in the 70s by the US intelligence agency the CIA, to prepare for an alien invasion. “soon”.

He believes that Australian radio wave-scanning scientists who found a huge energy source at 4,000 lightyears away might have discovered the chit-chat of “superior”Beings from outer space

“It’s unlike anything astronomers have seen before,”He said.

Geller is famous for bending a spoon 'with his mind'
Geller is known for bent a spoon “with his mind”

“No doubt in my mind that this is connected to alien intelligence way way superior than ours.

“Start deciphering their messages!

“They are preparing us for a mass landing soon! #nasa #hoova #spectra #spectra #aliens.”

Uri’s predictions sent his online followers into a frenzy.

“I am 46 and I sincerely hope aliens reveal themselves in my lifetime. I expect they will before 2040,”I wrote one.

Another one: “That’s the spirit and if you listen to the aliens then all they’re about is to teach us how to become civilized, because they won’t land until we grow up.”

“I don’t care about living longer, I would just rather live with the energy, no body aches, pains, clear mind of a 10-year-old kid,”Another third.

One moaned, however: “So…us older farts are screwed then.”

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