US Orders Ukraine Embassy Employees to Evacuate in the Face of Russia Tensions


Tens of thousands Russian soldiers gather at the Ukraine border. This is causing tensions. There are also military personnel from Ukraine in the region. 

Because of the Russian military’s threat, the U.S. has asked family members of their staff to leave their Ukrainian embassy.

The U.S. State Department gave its approval for U.S. employees to take voluntary leaves, encouraging them all to leave as soon as they can.

Russia now has tens of thousands of troops near Ukraine’s border, leaving the U.S. fearful that the Kremlin could be planning on another military attack.  

Russian authorities claim these claims are false and have stated that their troops are only present for exercises. Russia also noted the Ukrainian military — supported by the NATO fleet in the Black Sea — conducts military operations close to its borders and uses weapons that can easily reach Russian territory.

“We’ve provided very significant military assistance to Ukraine,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on CBS’ Face the Nation.

“We’ve been taking action against Russian agents in Ukraine. But as to the sanctions, the most important thing we can do is to use them as a deterrent.”He said.