Use an ice cube to heat your rice in the microwave


The microwave is fast and convenient when it comes to making food hot, but it doesn’t always make it entirely palatable. This trick can help you avoid dry, bland leftover rice in the microwave.

Reheating rice in a similar way to how you reheat pasta can yield better results if you strategically add moisture.

It’s simple and makes a big difference to your microwaved rice. Literally all you do is grab an ice cube, place it on top of the rice, and microwave for a minute or so, depending on how much rice you’re reheating. You may need to add two cubes if you want to serve larger quantities.

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Surprisingly, the cube of ice will not completely melt. The small amount of water that does evaporate from the ice creates steam, and that’s what makes this method the easiest and most effective for reheating next-day rice. It’s no wonder several TikTok influencers have recently lauded the ice cube trick.

Some people have used tricks such as adding water to the rice or covering it with moist paper towels. Although they are similar in principle, we prefer the ice cube method because it maximizes steam (which makes rice fluffier) and avoids adding too much water (which can affect the rice’s flavor).

You can make the microwaved rice more delicious by adding butter or olive oil.

So whether you’re at work, running short on time, or simply just want to get a meal together fast, knowing smart microwave reheating tips can truly make a big impact on the final product. And while you may never get that perfectly fluffy-fresh result after reheating rice, but this is probably the closest you’ll get.

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