Utah Man Arrested Following Cops Say Spider Killing Attempt Leads to Wildfire


A Utah man was arrested after starting a wildfire in an attempt to kill a spider with a lighter, according to the Utah County Sheriff’s Office.

According to a probable cause statement by the sheriff’s Office, deputies responded on Monday to a call for help from a fire that was rapidly spreading up a mountain. According to WESH local outlet

According to the outlet, fire personnel informed the officers they had spoken with Cory Allan Martin who claimed he started the fire. 

Martin claimed that he found a spider on the mountain and tried to burn it with his lighter. According to the outlet, the fire started spreading and nearby brush caught fire.

The probable cause statement said, “He was placed in custody for the reckless burning and was placed in the back of the patrol vehicle,”According to the outlet.

“While searching Cory’s belongings, a jar of marijuana and paraphernalia was found.”

According to Inside Edition jail records, Martin was taken by the Utah County Jail and charged with reckless burning, possession a controlled drug, and possession paraphernalia. Martin was released on Monday night.

60 acres had been burned by Wednesday morning’s fire alarms. According to Twitter authorities.

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