Vanessa Villela, Star of ‘Selling Sunset”, Talks Out about Debilitating Long-Haul COVID-19 Signs


This Christmas, Vanessa Villela, reality star and actress of Reality will not be enjoying Christmas dinner.

The TV personality of the hit Netflix series “Selling Sunset”She suffers from COVID long-haul, so finding food is just one of her problems.

“A lot of foods that I smell or taste, they smell or taste like sewage or like rotten meat. Or like garbage,” Villela said.

“So I get nauseous and then I cannot eat,”She went on.

Villela contracted COVID-19 back in August. She was not able to shoot for five weeks. “Selling Sunset”And she has never fully recovered. 

Researchers estimate that as many as 30% of COVID-19 sufferers like Villela experience a roller coaster ride of symptoms for several months. This includes extreme fatigue, headaches and insomnia, breathing difficulties, hair loss, brain fog, brain fog, and brain fog.

“I started showering one day, and then when I was washing my hair, I started to pull out a lot of hair and I’m like what?” Villela said.

“It gets to a point when you are like when, I don’t know when is it going to end?”She went on.

Andrea Tomasek would like to know the answer.

“Christmas Eve this year is going to be my 21-month anniversary of having symptoms of COVID,”Tomasek spoke.

Surprisingly, the virus was caught by the Minnesota mother at 38 years old in March 2020. 

“I feel like a completely different person on the inside, and it’s not an improvement,”Tomasek spoke.

Since her onset, she has been suffering from a low grade fever each day. 

The Americans with Disabilities Act now recognizes long-haul COVID-19 as a disability.